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How to use filters for better Links Management
How to use filters for better Links Management

Easy and fast links search for better management of your links using the Filters feature.

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As RushTera is especially designed for large scale work and media collaboration and sharing, it is with no surprise that you will end up with a long list of shared links in each project. With having the customer at the center of our operations, we were aware of the struggles that would arise daily to manage and search for a specific link.

For that we added the Filters Feature to your Links page, where you can now search and filter your links by Creation Date or Duration, Expiration Date, Password, Title or Shared by whom.

How can you use it:

1. Filter by Creation Date or Duration:

If you are searching for the shared links of a specific date just select the Creation Date option and choose the date. You will then see only the links that were shared on that day.

You need the links of a specific week or month ? You can filter by an interval of creation. Just choose the Duration option and set the interval of your search.

2. Filter by Expiration Date:

If you would like to monitor the links that are soon to be expired on a specific date, just select the date in question and you will get the list of all links to be expired on that date.

You can also filter all expired links by selecting the Links expired checkbox.

3. Filter by Password:

You remember a password but not sure to which links it was assigned? We thought about this as well and added it to our Filters feature. Just write the password and all the links set with it will appear in one list.

Just write the title of the link you are searching for and it will be filtered instantly. No need to scroll endlessly through the links list.

5. Filter by Shared by:

As RushTera is dedicated for media management sharing and collaboration, you may have links created and shared by different project collaborators. Need links shared by a specific collaborator? Just select the collaborator's name from the Shared By drop-down list to filter all related links.

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