How to create a Media Gallery?

Video guide on how to create a Media Gallery and all its features.

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  1. Choose a file or set of files you want to share in media gallery then click on the Share button.

  2. Go to Files tab and add other media files if you want. You can also rearrange the order of how the files will be displayed in the gallery.

  3. Click on Link tab where you can add a Link Title, Expiration Date, Password, Enable Download and enable Autoplay.

  4. Under Watermark tab, you can add a picture or a Text as a Watermark and choose the positioning of it on the video.

  5. Under Poster tab, you can add a Poster customized to that specific gallery.

  6. After finalizing, click on Generate link and copy it to share it.

  7. You can then add Recipients and choose whether to notify them by email via RushTera or not. You can also share with them the link on your end.

(Select x2 speed to watch the video)

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